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The information you will supply in this document is personal; and will be kept confidential by the Adviser and BritsNZ Ltd.  Please read our full privacy statement.

Do you have children?
Are they financially dependent on you?
Do you have work in NZ?
What type of visa do you have or hope to obtain?
Select fields that apply to your current UK work status:
Is this status expected to change in NZ?
Select if you have any of the following UK pension types:
Select if you have any of the following UK investment types:
Which of the following have you investigated?
Do you have a mortage in the UK?
Please check which of the following applies to your situation
protection plans
protection plans
Which of the following do you have?
Do you have a will?
Have you read our current disclosure statement?

Submitting forms can take several minutes. Please don't refresh screen or close window until you see the green submission complete text.

Thanks for submitting your details. If you would like to make changes please contact us directly.

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