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BritsNZ Ltd is a New Zealand-based company operated by English born Alexandra and Mike Cole. BritsNZ specialises in providing a holistic service to UK residents looking to emigrate to New Zealand. They are able to provide assistance with visas, UK pension transfers, general financial advice and the physical aspects of moving across the world.

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Alexandra Cole is a Licensed Immigration Advisor (201300687) and is regulated by the Immigration Advisers Authority and able to give advice on visa applications. 

BritsNZ Ltd is a Financial Advice Provider under reference FSP701954.

Mike Cole is BritsNZ Ltd Financial Adviser under reference FSP115444.

Both are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority, New Zealand.

BritsNZ Ltd gives advice across a wide range of financial matters including the transfer of UK pension benefits to New Zealand.


Alex and Mike make a great team and really helped us prepare to emigrate. It was really useful to be able to have a Skype chat and talk through any questions. They are both very friendly and helpful and professional. Alex really knew exactly what evidence I needed, assisted me while I collected it, she then checked it. My visa was predicated to take 7-12 months, it actually took 3 weeks! Thanks Alex!  I would not hesitate to recommend either of them.

Together Mike and Alexandra Cole, who have, with their three children, successfully migrated to New Zealand, Aotearoa, are able to support you across all aspects of a move to New Zealand.

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